A piece of Paradise between India and Tibet

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is one of those fabulous destinations, which is fascinating for any tourist but rarely finds its way to their checklist. This hilly destination is surrounded by beautiful glacial lakes in and around the valley with crystal clear blue waters. Encircled by lofty and magnificent mountains, Tawang is a feast for the eyes.

Situated at 10,000 feet above sea level, Tawang has Tibet to its northern side, SeLa Pass to its east and the happiest country in the world, Bhutan, to its southwest. The inhabitants of Tawang, called Monpas, are found at lower altitude, where they enjoy cool temperate climate.

The name 'Tawang' derives from two words from the local Monpa dialect 'Ta' and 'Wang'. 'Ta' means horse and 'Wang' means green pastures. The local interpretation is that in the 17th century, a Tibetan monk called Mera Lama found a strong and beautiful horse wandering in the valley. Attracted to this elegant animal, the Lama tried to capture it.

But the horse disappeared and while searching for it, Mera Lama found a place, which was very serene and soothing. He built a magnificent Buddhist Monastery at the location. The town that developed around this Monastery was later called Tawang.

Tawang Festival 2019

Tawang festival is a three days fest with varied traditional activities and events. The main objective of the fest is making the tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh to be known all over India and to the world with the utmost celebrations. This festival is the right place to witness many attractions relating to cultures and traditions.

Here in this festival you can experience the traditional values of Monpas. The festival is stage for many religious events, traditional and tribal dances, exhibition of crafts and arts by the tribes, hand-loom products, photography exhibition, paintings, etc. The local markets and roads of the whole hill station will glitter with many stalls in colorful decorations.

The major attractions and events that take place in the festival are Dance of Yak, tribal participation with various dances and traditional rituals, traditional monastic dances, street performances, the traditional parade, Buddhist religious functions, and AJI-LHAMU DANCE is the main attraction of the festival. Projection of the historical movies of the state is another attraction of the festival.

Apart from celebrations, the pleasantness and tranquility of the town also attract tourists to visit the festival. The view of the town during the festival will be so awesome with the full of celebration prayer flags hangings, ongoing events and activities on streets, etc will be very attractive to see and enjoy. Festival in a pleasant and serene town looks very beautiful and joyful with the celebrations.

Overall, the pleasant hill station of Arunachal Pradesh will blossoms with full of joy and prosperity at the time of Tawang Festival.

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